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Guiding companies in Navigating the Blue Economy maze in the new paradigm of transparent business operations in both voluntary and compliance obligations that reduce the risk to the triple bottom line...

Strata Services

Body Corporate and Strata Schemes around Australia have different requirements according to the state regulations.Most Complexes are managed by a Strata or Body Corporate Manager and some are self managed.
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QA Certification

Quality Assurance Certification is a process for evaluating a company through an independent third party firm that is qualified to do so. Independent Inspections can help you get certified.

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Sinking Fund Forecast

A Sinking Fund is a detailed and comprehensive estimate of the councils corporate’s sinking fund expenditure for the scheme’s 10 financial years that must include an estimate for the repainting of common property and of buildings that are Councils corporate assets. Read more

Business Improvement

Benchmarking against other companies is difficult sometimes. By using Lean Processes this continuously improving towards the ideal and achieving the shortest possible cycle time through the tireless reduction of waste. By having another person to look at the process, there can be some savings that can be implemented for little cost. Read more

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