Unauthorised Gas Bottles and Lines Installed to Strata Scheme

The use and installation of large gas bottles have been a topic of discussion for a number of strata schemes in the last couple of weeks. Firstly there was a new installation of gas bottles and lines to a strata scheme to service some food providers. But the gas lines were installed in the wall of the adjoining building and did not receive approval from the strata owners of the property. This has also impacted the fire exit point of the property also, causing an increased fire risk. ​ The recent impact of a vehicle into a gas cylinder at the café in north Queensland (June 2015) , and the Nowra gas leak explosion (Feb 2016), and exploding gas cylinder in Spain (Oct 2016), has highlighted an increased focus on the risks of the storage of these gasses. There is also a gas bottle refilling site on a main road that has minimal protection from an impact as well as having no records of being authorised by the strata scheme. The owners of the strata scheme are still in discussion with the lot in question, to resolve the situation. The Australian standard for the storage and handling of gas cylinders is AS4332-2014, and is used as a guide by gas installers. With the increasing amount of drivers on the road and people foreign to the area, has increased the amount of risk to a potential impact to the strata schemes, and planning of where to install the cylinders in a safe area and manner is quite important.

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